1. Host Housing - none available at this time:( Due to the lack of local Stoa clubs in the Greenville area, we are unable to offer host housing. However, Bob Jones University has done an amazing job at securing very reasonable hotel rates in and around the Greenville area. Check out the list of hotels that offer a "BJU" discount rate on the "Hotel Tab"

2. Hotels- The hotel tab lists hotels that Bob Jones University has negotiated a special rate for guests who are attending an event at BJU. They are pretty amazing rates! Just ask for the "BJU rate" when making your reservation!

3. Weather - We know people will be wondering......What can you expect? Well, we have it on good authority that afternoon showers are pretty typical in late spring. Thankfully, the university has gone to great lengths to build covered walkways in between almost every building on campus! Tuck an umbrella into your debate bag just in case! and make sure you label it with your name ;)

4. Campus food offerings - We know that competing, timing rounds and judging makes for hungry students, siblings and parents! We have very flexible cost savings cafeteria meal plans which will include campus bucks that can be used in the Den (student food court). Check out the Campus Food Offerings Tab for more information.

5. Event Fees -TP $70- LDV $70-Parli $50-IE $35 per event
Breakout impromptu $20