Chow Time

Click here for FAQ about Meals for NITOC
We are offering several meal plan options. These flexible plans will allow you to choose when you eat and combine dining hall access with funds for the Den (fast food area) on a meal card. Purchase of a Family Package will include 4 meal cards under one account. Additional cards can be issued at check-in as needed.

Parents and parents serving as staff our judges hospitality area will not be offering full meals. There will only be an offering of light snacks, tea and coffee for those who take ballots. Please purchase your meal plans accordingly.

Meal Plans are on sale now, and can be purchased at the following link at a discounted rate. – The cafeteria and Den eateries = will allow cash purchases during the tournament at higher price points.

To order meals:

Click on this link:

NOTE: Wnen filling out the form do not use AUTOFILL.

Steps to order meals
Select package and quantity
NEXT PAGE-Enter your name and STOA in 6 digit ID box
Click-Add to Cart Pop up screen box Click-Proceed to Checkout
NEXT PAGE- Click-Create Account
NEXT PAGE-Fill in you information "Who are you?" Select "Parent or Family"
and type the text and Click-Create Account
You will receive a confirmation email when you open email click on the link.
NEXT PAGE Enter you name and the password you created Click-Activate Account
NEXT PAGE-Click-Go to my Account
NEXT PAGE- Click-Shopping Cart in upper right corner
NEXT PAGE- Verify your items and Click-Proceed to Checkout
NEXT PAGE-Click-Next
NEXt PAGE-Enter your payment information. Do not use AUTOFILL Click-Next
NEXT PAGE-Check box "I accept Terms and Conditions" and Click-Submit My Order
NEXT PAGE- You may choose to Click-Print Order
You will also receive an email confirmation for your order.

Meal cards will be picked up from Aramark on Saturday, May 16th for Parli competitors during morning check in and then for everyone else Aramark will be on site during the main check in time on Monday evening at 7pm.

Single Packages Intended for 1 person to use but can be shared.

Single Package 1 - $75
10 All You Care to Eat Meals in DC – ($5 per meal)
$25 Bruins Bucks

Single Package 2 - $100
8 All You Care to Eat Meals in the DC – ($6.50 per meal)
$50 Bruins Bucks

Larger Packages Intended to be Shared by a Family
All family packages come with a minimum of 4 cards.
If more than 4 card are needed they can be requested at check-in.

Family Package 1 - $290
40 All You Care to Eat Meals in DC – ($4.75 per meal)
$100 Bruins Bucks

Family Package 2 - $375
30 All You Care to Eat Meals in DC – ($5.83 per meal)
$200 Bruins Bucks

Bruins Bucks can be purchased separately and used at all on-campus dining locations.
To add Bruins Bucks to cart select it from the left hand menu and continue to checkout. Campus ID: Stoa Customer Type: Other
10% bonus Bruins Bucks if you buy $50 or more (Ex: Get $55 in Bruins Bucks for only $50) This will be added when you check in at NITOC. All campus food locations will accept cash at the door.

Door rates for the Dining Commons:

Breakfast - $7.40
Lunch/Dinner - $9.00
All Children Meals (Ages 3-12) - $4.00
Children 2 and under - FREE

Dining Common Hours of Operation:

Saturday, May 16th
L: 11:30 AM - 1 PM
D: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Monday, May 19th - Saturday, May 23rd
B: 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM
L: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
D: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

A special note about Allergens – BJU's Assistant Location Manager for the Dining Common (Melanie Schell) also serves as their Wellness Coordinator, and has a lot of experience working with students who have special dietary needs. BJU has a station specifically tailored to meet special dietary needs, this “Made Without Gluten” station, which also covers items that would be nut free will be open during NITOC's Dining Common meal times While they can’t formally state that their items are 100% gluten free and peanut free because they aren’t prepared in an independent facility, they are handled with care and designed to meet the needs of the typical student with a common allergen. Anyone concerned about their meals may contact Melanie directly.
Melanie can be reached at

The Den (home to Chick Fil A, Brody's Grill, the Mini POD (Convenient Store) and Cuppa Joes) will be open Tuesday, May 19th - Saturday, May 23rd during the following hours:

Chick Fil A- 11:30 AM - 7 PM (extended hour on Thursday, May 21st till 8PM)
Brody's Grill- 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM and again from 5 PM - 7 PM
Mini POD (Convenient Store)- 9 AM - 7 PM
Cuppa Jones- 9 AM - 7 PM