Community Judge Resources and Information

NITOC 2015

Bob Jones University

Greenville, South Carolina

May 16 - 23

May 16 and 18 Parli
May 19 - 23 All Other Events

No experience is necessary! Yes, you are qualified!

Thank you for volunteering to judge! We could not do this without your willingness to serve. We appreciate your service to our students, and we will work diligently to make your investment in this tournament a quality experience.

We will be offering complimentary snacks all day in our judges hospitality room. Fresh coffee will be served all day as well as teas and ice water.

You will receive judges training when you arrive for your round.
Also we offer a preview of the training presentation in the links below. This will help familiarize you with the events you might see at the tournament.

Please note: The following is the maximum time you will be needed per round. This time includes your orientation as well as time to fill out your ballot.

Please feel free to sign up for as many rounds as you would like.
NITOC 2015 will host three debate events:
Lincoln Douglas Value Debate-Team Policy Debate- Parliamentary Debate

NITOC 2015 will host 13 Speech Events grouped into four main disciplines.
Interpretive Speeches-Limited Preparation Speeches-Platform Speeches and WIldcard Event Speeches

Parli Debate Round: 2 hours

Debate Round: 3 hours

Speech Round: 3 hours

Debate Orientation Slides
Speech Events Orientation Slides

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